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Friday, July 2, 2004
Tech TV's Demolition
Mood:  on fire
Topic: Tech TV
Venting about g4TTV is kinda pointless but I just have to get it off my chest. Plus if enough of us complain maybe we can force some change, POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!! Patrick is the last draw! The straw breaking the camels back. I was willing to deal with the G4 Tech TV thing without complaining or posting anything to the net but now I just feel that I have to vent. Comcast sucks, they totally deconstructed my favorite show. TSS is awesome, call for help was cool, tech live was cool sometimes but towards the end they had 0 new shows for like 2 months so i was turned off even before the merger. G4 licks mad monkey balls!

How many ways can you look at the same freakin game before it gets old, oh yeah they that question every day! They also don't objectively review any dame they just kiss its ass no matter how shitty it is!!

I will update later if you want to help out go to and go to the forums and let em have it!!!!!

This is from the TTV forums by Vedro, I think it sums it up pretty well.

~The whole thing is sad.

I tried to watch the new channel today and found nothing of any interest. I was paying for an expanded service in order to get TechTv, but after seeing the mess on Friday, I now have no reason to justify paying more to see TechTV/G4. I see no value in the G4 programming. Maybe one day, someone will startup another Tech Channel, but it looks like this one has come to an abrupt end in lieu of mindless games and goofy cartoons and puppets.

Leo, Patrick, Kevin, Sarah, Yoshi and all the rest, I wish you the best in life! You made TechTV a great resource for many people.

For the short sighted people at G4, you just lost a viewer and any recommendations that would come within my sphere of enfluence. Unless you radically change your plans and cut the garbage programming that permeates your airwaves and embrace some real useful programming for the Tech Community (WE ARE NOT ALL GAMERS), there is no chance to regain my confidence in supporting your effort. Well at least now I can lower my monthly TV cable bill to help pay for the higher gas prices. But, I would rather have my TechTV.


One VERY Dissappointed TECHTV Fan

All I have to say is more than one buddy, way more than one!!!

Posted by brevolution at 9:32 AM MDT
Updated: Friday, July 2, 2004 11:29 PM MDT
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