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Blue Shamrock

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Any event, any music. Whatever we do, its off the hook! If you would like information about any service call our offices at:

(303) 638 - 4706

D. White is comming back to town this month. We gettin crunk for this so check the events its gonna be CRAZY!!

Visit our weblog and find out whats new at Brevolution

BRevolution Events Calender:
Insomnia  ~ Thursdays
Every Thursday @
Club Revolution
- Revolution "Melt the Mic" MC battle
judged by D roc. Bring eye protection!
Theres gonna be a lot of spittin.
Every Friday:
Sneaky Tiki  @ Club 2xL
~No Cover for LADIES Until 11
Dj Sarcazm. Spinnin the hottest hip hop!
     also featuring Droc and the newly signed Artist ~ P.K.
@ Club 2xL
Boulder, CO
E-mail for directions.

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